The members of the COGIC at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN on Sunday morning of the 2007 Holy Convocation

The Holy Convocation is the annual meeting of the members of the COGIC where they meet for praise and worship services, the purpose of electing bishops to the General Board, and creating plans for the national meetings of the COGIC for the next year. Both the Church of God in Christ as a national church and the local jurisdictions in the United States have holy convocations every year. The International Holy Convocation that all the members of the COGIC attend is held every year on either the first or second week of November. The holy convocations for the local jurisdictions are usually held every year either in July or August. In the local convocations, the bishops officiate over the convocation. In the international convocation, the Presiding Bishop and the General Board officiate over the convocation. Every year since 1908, the International Holy Convocations were held in Memphis, Tennessee until 2009, when Bishop Charles Blake had the convocation moved to Saint Louis, Missouri for financial purposes. An estimated 100,000 people have attended the International Holy Convocation each year since the 1990s.